Embracing Life

Straight Until Proven Gay

02/09/2015 // 4 Comments

There will forever be those moments where I will mention a date or a breakup in the presence of someone I don’t know well, and that person will say, “Who is he? Tell me [...]

The Paradox Of Coming Out

02/09/2015 // 3 Comments

It has been confusing having one of the best things to happen in my life coincide with one of the worst, especially when the two are so intricately linked. The best thing, of [...]

I Came Out! Now What?

01/28/2015 // 1 Comment

Ok so I came out. Hooray! Where are the fireworks? No party hats? What about cake? I figured once it happened, there’d be some sort of momentous indicator that my new and [...]
Now What?

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