Faces Of Pride: Stories of Coming Out Ep. 3, Hillary

My wonderful friend, Hillary Handler, is my guest today for Faces of Pride Episode 3. Watch below to hear her speak on her love of the gay community and what she’s learned since coming out.

Faces of Pride is my video series for which I interview members of the LGBT community about their experiences coming out. The goal of this series is to chronicle the various experiences people have while coming out and to shed some light on the struggles we should never have to go through to become who we are meant to be. Even more, this series serves to remind anyone out there struggling with their sexuality that they are not alone and that it truly does get better.  Contact me here if you are interested in being featured in an episode of Faces of Pride! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to Now What?’s new YouTube channel so you never miss a video!

Have any questions you wish were asked in this interview? Let me know, and I’ll do my best to ask next time!

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2 Comments on Faces Of Pride: Stories of Coming Out Ep. 3, Hillary

  1. Hi Amber,

    I am so sorry that you are currently going through something so difficult. Unfortunately, everyone’s experience is so different and, as I am not a professional, it would be so hard for me to advise you on what to do without knowing more about you. I think you should seek advice from an adult you trust in your community, and if there is no one, I highly recommend you consult my LGBT resources tab ( Those help lines provide trained experts to help people just like you. I wish you all the best.


  2. Amber S. // 04/13/2015 at 1:02 pm //

    Hi! I don’t really do computers so I don’t know if this will go to you or to the website thing itself…so ill hope for the best.

    My names Amber and I’m only 15 years old. i know I’m bisexual, and I knew from the age of 5 and above. I didn’t know what being gay meant back then, so I looked it up on the computer while my mum was out. When she came back I didn’t know how to shut the window (I always left it open because I never had anything to hide), she saw what I had typed in which was something along the lines of “can girls kiss girls”. She cleared the history and told me that that wasn’t a normal relationship. I never thought about it being WRONG until then.

    When I turned 11, and went up to high school, I met a girl and became very close with her. I didn’t tell her I was gay, but one day she asked if we could “practice kissing”. I knew what my mum had told me about it being wrong, but there was no one about. That’s when I properly realized I couldn’t control my feelings.

    I told a few close friends, and one of my younger sister (who is very pro gays). My older brother already guessed, and I didn’t plan on telling him, but he asked me one evening when we were watching a movie together and I didn’t deny it.

    The only problem is, I still get teased at school because of it, and I cant tell my parents either. I’ve tried speaking to people, writing about it, and even hinting to my parents, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell them. Its not like they’re particularly homophobic or anything, I just cant forget the thing my mum said to me when I was 5, and I have to tell them somehow, I just know their opinion of me will change. My brothers girlfriends twin is coming out to his parents soon, so this is a key opportunity to come out too. In advice they’ve given the twin, they said to just go home with his boyfriend one day and tell the parents that they’re going out and leave it at that, but since I’m single, there’s no way of me doing it.

    Should I tell them now when there are other people coming out, or wait until I leave for college, or even wait until I’ve got a girlfriend myself?

    Please help me. I need real advice on what to do, and no one seems to relate to me because all coming out stories tat I’ve read ended well, but I’m pretty sure mine will go down differently!

    Sincerely Amber

    (p.s. It might be harder to come out as bisexual rather than full-on gay. how do I avoid the cliche “It’s just a phase” responses?)


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